What to Expect and FAQ

Thanks for stopping by. We know it’s not easy visiting a church for the first time.  

You may wonder…

  • Do I belong here?
  • Will I know what to do?
  • Will they ask me for money? 
  • How should I dress?
  • Can I come if I don’t believe or have never been to church?

It's important to us to do everything we can to make your visit an easy and welcoming experience, and a spiritually moving experience. We're hoping this page will answer your questions. If you have more, please contact us using the form below or by phone. (941-924-7756) We're ready to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Do I belong here? Will I know what to do?

Breaking down the walls and barriers that separate us from God and each other is important to us. We have new people every week, so we keep that in mind as we worship and share what it means to follow Jesus. If you're looking warm, real, imperfect people to explore faith with, you've found the right place. We welcome questions and confess we donʼt have all the answers. 


Everyone is welcome at our worship services, events, workshops, and small groups. Basically, everything we do. No matter who you are, no matter what you've done, you're welcome. No previous church experience or membership is needed. We welcome persons at all points in their journey of faith, even no faith. 

Can I bring my service animal?

Service animals are most welcome providing the animal is a trained service animal whose work is directly related to your disability. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support, along with animals who are household pets, are not considered service animals under the ADA and are not permitted in the buildings. Many of our neighbors enjoy walking their animals through our outdoor areas. 


Come as you are! We care more about you than the way you dress. We're the closest Methodist congregation to beautiful Siesta Key so many folks dress casually. 


In smaller settings, like a small group gathering, many people choose to introduce themselves. In larger settings, like worship, you will not be asked to introduce yourself. We have a greeting time where everyone stands to welcome each other. We also have a clipboard in each row of seating for persons to sign in. Signing in will allow us to send you a welcome letter. You are not required to sign in. 

Where's the best place to park?

If you're coming to the church office, park in the single spaces along Haley Lane. This is also a great place to park if you're needing handicap parking. 

For the Sanctuary and other places on campus, use the larger parking area located behind the church buildings. You can enter from Riverview or Shade. Handicap parking is also available in this area.  


There are no membership fees or entrance fees for worship services. We collect an offering during our 9:00 am and 10:30 am Sunday Sanctuary services. You are not obligated to give, and you will not be pressured to make a donation. 

Most small groups, workshops, and events are also free. Some groups study a book together, so you might want to purchase the book. Some workshops and events collect a donation. If a fee is required, it will be well advertised. 

Contact us with additional questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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