Holy Thursday 2019

Holy Thursday 2019

April 18, 2019

Passage: John 13:1-38

Opening Prayer

Merciful God, our Rescuer and Redeemer. Open wide our minds, to receive your Holy Word. Open wide our hearts, to receive your saving love. Open wide our spirits, and fill us full of light.              

Solo: Spirit of God, O Come, Renee Pagan

Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet               

Congregational Song: Cornerstone 

There are several minutes while the congregation washes each other's hands. The washing symbolizes our commitment to being servant-hearted, humble, and vulnerable to one another as Jesus was.  

Jesus Reveals Those Who Will Betray and Deny Him

Prayer of Confession: Denial by Steve Garnaas Holmes

I deny you, Christ, when I deny my own divinity.

I deny you when I deny the divinity of those I condemn.

I deny you when I do not hear you in the oppressed and rejected.

I deny you when I turn from my glorious giftedness.

I deny you when I am afraid to stand with those at risk.

I deny you when in my guilt I doubt your love.

And still, you love.

Let remembering's bitterness awaken me.

Let my weeping be my wisdom.

To the frightening, to the infinite,

To the compassionate, to the holy,

help me say yes.

Let me die with yes on my lips.

Song: Communion, X-Claim Praise Band

The Last Supper

Prayer: The Seat of Greatest Grace by Steve Garnaas Holmes

Jesus, my Friend, my Beloved, my Person,

I love you, and I will falter.

I will deny you. I will betray you.

Three times, ten thousand times, I will deny you.

The silver pieces lie in my pocket

I have the nails

And you, knowing, invite me to your table,

to the place of honor even,

this seat of greatest grace, beside you,

to share your bread with me,

and lay down your body for me

I can hardly look into the sun of such forgiveness,

Love's empty tomb that defeats me, re-makes me.

I confess. I return.

Knowing, I follow, drawn in your grace,

This burden that is light.

Holy Communion

There are several minutes while the congregation serves one another communion. 

Congregational Song: Jesus, Messiah 

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Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Service Recordings

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