Current Series

Many Gifts, One Spirit

Discerning our calling from God

Mission Updates

Updates on our local, regional, and international mission projects 

Sit Walk Stand

Messages from Ephesians inspired by the book Sit Walk Stand by Watchman Nee

There's More to Life

Jesus invites us to live into the fullness of God. That fullness is infinite. There is always more- more to ask for, more to discover, more to receive, more to grow into, more to become. More life!

The Gospel of Dr. Seuss

Join us as we explore how the themes of these beloved stories mirror important themes from God's Word. 

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The Christmas Story is full of singing. Over the centuries we’ve continued to celebrate with songs of our own, songs born from the joy of Christ’s coming. This holy season, to prepare our hearts again for the coming of Christ, we’ll reflect on the poetry of these meaningful songs.