Who We Are

WHEREAS we, the Leadership Council of Trinity United Methodist Church Sarasota, are  committed to the teachings of the Bible, sharing the Gospel, and building healthy relationships to transform our communities;

 And WHEREAS the Mission of our church and the United Methodist Church is: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world;

 THEREFORE:  The Leadership Council of Trinity United Methodist Church Sarasota will honor our historic legacy, our present and future ministries, and the generations who have formed us.  We are, and will remain, a United Methodist Congregation.  We will not pursue a disaffiliation process nor vote for disaffiliation as outlined in paragraph 2553 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline.

We are warm, real, imperfect people of all ages who love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ. We would be honored to walk with you on your journey of faith no matter where you may be on that journey right now.

Our Vision- Why we do what we do

God is love. We are called to share that love, and the hope we've found in Jesus Christ with all people. John 3:16-17. 1 John 4:16  

Our Mission- What we do

Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Matthew 28:18-20

Our Values- How we accomplish God's work
  • We are Christ-Centered
    • We place our trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Leader
  • We choose to be family to one another
    • For many of us, our church family is more of a family to us than our biological family
    • This means a commitment to deep community, mutual support, caring, collaboration, servant-hearted living, faith in action
    • We believe we are better together
  • We value hospitality
    • This is far more than friendly or welcoming. It's about belonging, acceptance, and openness.
  • We value genuineness
    • Honest with God, each other, and our community
    • We will strive to be transparent, real, down to earth
  • We value respect
    • All persons are made in the image of God. A such we value the dignity of all and for all.
Our Strategy

Every mission needs a strategy for accomplishing the mission. Our strategy helps persons journey from no/nominal relationship with Jesus Christ to being fully devoted followers making a lasting difference in our neighborhood and world. The strategy begins by recognizing we cannot do this in our own strength. The mission must be empowered by the Holy Spirit through deep prayer, devotion, and worship.

From this starting point, we follow Jesus in ministries of Worshipping, Reaching, Connecting, Growing, and Transforming.

  • Worshipping God through Christ
  • Reaching people for Christ
  • Connecting people to Christ and His Church
  • Growing people in the words and ways of Christ
  • Transforming our neighborhood and world alongside Christ

Each word ends in “ing,” reminding us we do everything “In the Name of God.” Each ministry description is a verb, reminding us of the action-oriented and ongoing nature of the strategy. Each ministry is joined together in a ring of relationship because Jesus died and rose again so we could be in right relationship with God, others, ourselves, and the earth. 

The Evidence We’ve Accomplished God’s Mission

Transformed lives transforming the world by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. Romans 6:4; Matthew 6:10